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    Seif Hamid founded Soof in New York City in 2014 to make a bow tie he could call his own: well-proportioned, wearable both formally and not-quite-so, with subtle and timeless elegance. Fortunately, he didn’t need to look far for inspiration. In the 1930s in Cairo, Seif’s great grandfather was an educator, designer and dandy alike, fashioning his own bow ties entirely by hand and in extremely limited quantities, often just making one of a kind. With a slight modernization of the family pattern used nearly a century ago and some tweaking of the traits of all his favorite bow ties, the Soof brand was born. After gaining a cult following by selling his handmade and limited edition accessories, Seif officially launched the brand in 2017 with a thoughtfully designed and handmade line of bow ties, neck ties and pocket squares.

    Design & commitment to quality

    “Soof” is Arabic for wool, and our favorite material. It’s natural, strong, lasts forever and most importantly makes for extremely luxurious accessories. We choose the finest and highest quality wool for every woolen product we make, and the same goes for any cottons or linens we use (for warmer-weather pieces). Every Soof accessory is made, finished and inspected by hand at our workshop in Brooklyn to maintain the brand heritage, out of respect for the craft of the weavers who produce our fabric and to ensure the highest quality final product. We wouldn’t wear anything less, so we’d never expect you to.