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    Wear and storage

    With our commitment to quality craftsmanship and premium materials, your Soof product will last forever. With the right care, it will always look like new. Follow the steps and suggestions below to keep your accessory fresh and ready to wear at all times.

    Hang ties on a tie rack, and lay pocket squares flat in a drawer. Always hang or plac (on rods or in drawers) cedar accessories to fight both odor and moths no matter what's in your closet. If you prefer or are used to rolling neck ties and storing them in a drawer, be sure to roll evenly and gently. Never store a tie pre-tied or knotted. If you don’t have a tie rack, or run out of room on your tie rack, you can always store your bow or neck tie neatly folded in the way it was when you received it.

    Ties (Neck & Bow)
    When removing your tie, never just undo it and pull from either side to take it off. Carefully undo the tie (just follow the steps you take to tie it in reverse), then flip up your shirt collar and take the tie off as you would a scarf. Pulling the tie through a buttoned or folded down collar will reduce its life and change its shape over time.

    Pocket Squares
    Fold and wear your pocket square however you like! If you always wear your pocket square folded in the same way, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it folded in your closet. Just know that if you ever want to fold it differently, you’ll need to iron out the creases (see our notes on ironing below). If you like to switch it up and have the room, we suggest unfolding your pocket square after taking off your jacket and laying it flat in a drawer to store.

    Should you need to iron a tie or pocket square, do so gently and under a layer of cotton (i.e. a t-shirt, cloth, sheet). Ironing directly on the fabric could damage the look and feel of your Soof product. You may use light steam if needed on wool or cotton, but avoid using too much on wool. Never steam a silk tie or pocket square. Always use the fabric-appropriate heat setting as marked on your iron.


    All neck and bow ties should be dry cleaned, and only when absolutely necessary. Washing and drying a tie incorrectly can damage the lining and thus the shape of the tie, and in the case of wool or silk, the fabric itself. All wool pocket squares should also be dry cleaned only when necessary. We recommend dry cleaning cotton and linen pocket squares as well, but if you prefer, you can either hand wash in cold water or machine wash on a delicate cycle (also in cold water), and line dry. If you hand wash a cotton or linen pocket square, iron it just before it’s completely dry.


    To spot clean stains, we suggest the following method:

    1. Blot, never rub
    2. If possible, spot clean immediately — the longer you let the stain sit, the lower your chances of removing it.
    3. Dampen a cloth with cool water and wring it out (too much water in the cloth may cause the stain to spread when you blot). 
    4. For greasy or oily stains:
      1. Dab very gently with a paper towel or clean cloth to try to soak up any excess grease.
      2. Sprinkle cornstarch, baby powder, splenda or salt (one of those should be easy to find nearby!) on the stain and let sit for a few hours (or as long as you reasonably can). 
      3. Brush off and clean with a soft cloth
      4. Repeat if necessary
      5. Air dry
    5. For water-soluble stains:
      1. Wet a clean cloth with seltzer water, club soda or tonic
      2. Wring out
      3. Gently blot the stain
      4. Repeat if necessary
      5. Air dry